The RA 6000 series are used for powerful distribution of reliable infra-red digital signals throughout the conference venue to the wireless digital receivers.

The RA 6013 & RA 6025 digital radiators transmit up to 32 channels in superb audio quality by means of invisible light, enabling delegates to listen to the interpreted languages by means of the DR 6000 digital receivers. The radiators are used to provide reliable infra-red coverage from small meeting rooms up to very large conference halls.



Model Line
DCS 6000 Digital Infrared Language Distribution System Brochure (PDF)
RA 6013 CAD Drawing (ZIP)
RA 6025 CAD Drawing (ZIP)
RA 6013 RA 6025 Specification Sheet (PDF)
DCS 6000 DIR User Guide (PDF)
  • RA 6013 covers up to 1000 sqm. (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
  • RA 6025 covers up to 2000 sqm. (one carrier, 4 standard quality channels)
  • No fan - cooled by convection, resulting in silent operation
  • LED indicators for radiator status checking
  • Automatic switching when transmitter is switched on and off
  • Brackets for mounting on ceiling or floor stand are available for easy installation
  • Adjustable radiator angle ensures maximum coverage
  • Attractive and stylish design
Name Availability
DT 6008 & DT 6032

DT 6008 & DT 6032 Digital Transmitter are the central modulator units which receive audio from the interpreter and transmits it for wireless digital language distribution.

DR 6004 / 6008 / 6032

For use in wireless simultaneous interpretation systems by means of invisible digital infrared light, up to 32 channels can be received with superb audio quality.