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The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System is an all-in-one sound system that gives every participant their own microphone and loudspeaker, for clear sound in any size room. It easily connects to your videoconferencing system or recording equipment, and even allows for simultaneous translation when multi-lingual meetings take place.

The DDS 5900 combines the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system. Now with a choice of both permanently-installed flush-mount and portable discussion units, the DDS 5900 is equally at home in historic buildings and contemporary meeting spaces. It’s the ideal all-in-one audio solution for:

  • Corporate meeting rooms
  • City councils and regional government bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Courtrooms
  • Non-profit organizations


  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Expandable up to 250 discussion units (with additional equipment)
  • 2 language interpretation channels
  • Analog audio inputs and outputs for connection to videoconferencing system or external audio equipment
  • Support for 4 microphone operation modes: Automatic, First-In/First-Out, Manual and VOX (Voice activation)
  • Components ‘daisy-chain’ together with shielded CAT 5e cabling
  • Control the system with tablet or PC through web  browser interface or with a third-party room control system

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System Brochure English PDF 1.31 mb


File Language Type File Size
DDS 5900 System Diagrams PDF 174 kb
DIS Safety Information PDF 1.15 mb


File Language Type File Size
DIS Cabling Best Practices English PDF 509 kb

Specification Sheets

File Language Type File Size
DDS 5900 Demo Set Specification Sheet English PDF 369 kb
Spare Parts Set DIS Central Units Specification Sheet English PDF 397 kb

User Guides


Latest is 8.2


File Date Download Size
DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 See release notes Posted March 31, 2017 Download ZIP (174 mb)


  • This firmware release can be used to upgrade units in a DDS 5900 or a DCS 6000 systems using CU 5905, CU 6105, CU 6110 or DIS CCU Central Units.
  • The CU 6000, CU 6005, CU 6010 and CU 6011 Central Units are not supported in this release.
  • The DIS FUU Firmware Upgrade Utility, which is part of this firmware release, must be used when upgrading


  • Support of Shure Name Sign
  • Support for individual microphone attenuation control in 5900 mode on the CU/CCU GUI

Latest is 8.0.5


File Date Download Size
DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 See release notes Posted October 18, 2016 Download ZIP (155 mb)


  • DC6990P - Support for colours on voting buttons
  • 6000, 5900 - Support for "Speak Button Lock". Settings available from CU5905/CU6110/CCU web interface. The ‘Lock Override Time (Long Push Time)’ and the ‘Lock Duration’ is settable from the web interface.
  • 6000, 5900 - Support for "Allow Mic Off". Settings available from CU5905/CU6110/CCU web interface
  • DC6990, DC6190, DM6680, DC59xx - Support for "Long Push" to overrule Speak Button Lock


  • CU5905/CU6110/CCU – Audio In Volume, Level & Muted settings were not stored correctly in CU configuration. Making changes to Audio In 1 caused changes to be used for Audio In 2 after next reboot and vice versa
  • CU61xx, CCU - Electrical clicking noise removed from interpreter microphone LED when microphone is activated
  • CU5905/CU6110/CCU – Setting Audio In2 -> Loudspeaker from front plate does not work
  • CU61xx, CCU - Setting an Interpreter Unit to same A and B outgoing channel will cause audio to become lost if interpreter switch outgoing channel between A and B with Interpreter Unit engaged
  • PCB6000 (Flush mounted units) - Vote LED indication not correctly updated on chip card login during voting session if user has voted previously in the same session
  • DC6990P – Speech time not stopped on delegates during Exclusive On
  • DC6990P – Seat names not updated correctly on unit type change


  • An issue in FUU was fixed where units with old firmware were cleared on a CU6010 when they became locked - hereby preventing an upgrade. (CONFFW-558)
  • Timestamps added to Upgrade Log.
  • FUU will now by default look for a FUU library in a the released folder structure.
File Date Download Size
DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 See release notes Posted October 02, 2015 Download ZIP (151 mb)


DC6120P - fixed bug causing missing audio on DC6120 units
File Date Download Size
DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 Posted October 04, 2013 Download ZIP (577 mb)

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