DDS 5900

Available Components

The DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System is an all-in-one sound system that gives every participant their own microphone and loudspeaker, for clear sound in any size room. It easily connects to your videoconferencing system or recording equipment, and even allows for simultaneous translation when multi-lingual meetings take place.

The DDS 5900 combines the microphone, loudspeaker, interpretation audio, and user controls in an integrated system. Now with a choice of both permanently-installed flush-mount and portable discussion units, the DDS 5900 is equally at home in historic buildings and contemporary meeting spaces. It’s the ideal all-in-one audio solution for:

  • Corporate meeting rooms
  • City councils and regional government bodies
  • Educational institutions
  • Courtrooms
  • Non-profit organizations
DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System Brochure (PDF)
CU 5905 CAD Drawing (ZIP)
PS CU CAD Drawing (ZIP)
DDS 5900 System Diagrams (PDF)
DIS Cabling Best Practices (PDF)
CU 5905 Specification Sheet (PDF)
DDS 5900 Demo Set Specification Sheet (PDF)
Spare Parts Set DIS Central Units Specification Sheet (PDF)
DDS 5900 User Guide (PDF)
  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Expandable up to 250 discussion units (with additional equipment)
  • 2 language interpretation channels
  • Analog audio inputs and outputs for connection to videoconferencing system or external audio equipment
  • Support for 4 microphone operation modes: Automatic, First-In/First-Out, Manual and VOX (Voice activation)
  • Components ‘daisy-chain’ together with shielded CAT 5e cabling
  • Control the system with tablet or PC through web  browser interface or with a third-party room control system
Name Availability
CP 7890

The CP 7890 Camera Control Package adds video-follow-audio to a Shure discussion or conference system.

DH 6021

Stereo headphone for portable and fixed conference units and digital.

DH 6223

Stereo stethoscope headphone for portable and fixed conference units and digital receivers.

DH 6225

Mono ear clip headphone for portable and fixed conference units and digital receivers.

EX 6010

An extension power supply for increasing the systems capacity in the DDS 5900 or DCS 6000 Systems.

GM 6523 / 6524 / 6525

Standard lengths 40cm, 50cm and 63cm.

GM 6628

Shotgun gooseneck microphone with light.

JB 6104

Provides four tap-outs from the daisy-chain while also providing a loop-through.

PI 6000

Provides additional power capacity for up to 40 conference units or interpreter units or up to 80 channel selectors in one chain connected to the DCS-LAN.

PS 6001

Consists of 1 PS CU and 1 PI 6000 which together provides additional power capacity.


Designed for use with DIS Central Units CU 61xx and CU 59xx. One PS CU Power Supply is as standard delivered with each central unit.

RC 6000

In connection with PS CU Power Supply the RC 6000 Redundant Controller is used when a redundant power supply for a CU 5905/CU 6105/CU 6110 Central Unit is required.

RP 6004

Splits one DCS-LAN chain into four chains. The signal is regenerated to extend the maximum cable length.