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SW6000 Conference Management Software enables you to configure, manage, and personalize all aspects of a conference using the Microflex Complete or DCS6000 conference systems. It provides all of the functionalities which are required for a typical conference or meeting, grouped according to similar functions:

Meeting and Agenda Management

Create meetings with multi-level agendas, set meeting modes / options, and configure an extensive range of reports on meeting details.

Speaking Management

Control conference microphones, speech time, and name handling as well as mimic / synoptic diagrams of the room.

Participant Information and Roles

Create and maintain detailed information on participants and their roles / permissions, login procedures (ID card, PIN, etc.), messaging functions, and multi-language support requirements.

Controls and Interfaces

Set up interpretation parameters, connection to multiple rooms, import / export of agenda and participant information, as well as configuration of DCS6000 system components and third-party applications.

Applications Used by the Administrator, Chairman or Delegates

Includes one license each for CAA Conference Administrator Application and CUA Conference User Application.


  • Conference / meeting configuration with MXC or DCS6000 conference systems
  • Microphone management in multiple modes, with list of speakers, requests to speak, and requests to reply
  • Control of participant login modes, including PIN code or chip-card registration
  • Management of participant profiles including name, title, role, permissions, etc.
  • Multi-level agenda with linked documents and web links
  • Mimic / synoptic room diagram for microphone control, attendance, and voting
  • Voting control management (3-button or 5-button)
  • Messaging between conference chairman, administrator, participants, and interpreters
  • Configuration and control of interpretation
  • Support for multi-language software screens
  • Report generation and control of import / export of conference information
  • Control of conferences in multiple rooms from one PC


SW6000 software can be installed on a stand-alone PC or on a PC network. Software v6.2 or later supports standard installations of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2
  • WIN 8.1 x86 Enterprise / Professional / Standard
  • WIN 8.1 x64 Enterprise / Professional / Standard
  • WIN 10

Important: Windows XP and Vista operating systems are NOT supported.

To download and install the software, go to Software & Downloads.

In order to run the software, a license key is required. For purchase, please contact your authorized Shure distributor or system integrator: Where to Buy

Basic Applications

Note: One SW6000-CAA and SW6000-CUA application are included in the SW6000 Conference Management Software. Additional licenses are only needed if more than one CAA or CUA application will run simultaneously on the system.

SW6000-CAA Conference Administrator Application

The CAA is used to organize and configure conferences, to create all setups, and to test system components. Administrators use it to create and maintain basic conference data such as agendas, participant information and lists, mimic diagrams, voting parameters, standard messages, etc. Technicians use it to set up and test conference and interpreter units.

SW6000-CUA Conference User Application

The CUA is the main user interface with conference system. It is used by chairmen and participants to view the agenda and delegate information, to start / stop conferences, manage microphones, use speaker / request lists, mimic diagrams, etc. Technicians use the application to monitor conferences, control volume settings or change different conference parameters. The functionalities of the CUA depend on the user profile of the person logged into the system and additional software modules installed.

Optional Software Modules

SW6000-ADV-50 Advanced Meeting Management

Advanced Meeting Management provides extended conference management capabilities for up to 50 seats, including:

  • Advanced Mic Control, which includes additional features like the ability to define a secondary seat for a participant or configure a podium microphone.
  • Advanced Agenda Control, which offers a variety of functionalities from the ability to assign speakers to subjects in the agenda to using a web browser in the CUA to view linked documents or websites.
  • Advanced Speech Time, which enables speech time to be configured for individual participants, groups, or types of participants.

SW6000-ADV Advanced Meeting Management

Offers the same functionality as SW6000-ADV-50 but for an unlimited number of seats.

SW6000-CDA Conference Display Application

The CDA is used to present information about the conference to participants in the room via video monitors or projectors. The following standard displays are available:

  • Speaker / request information as a list or on a mimic room diagram
  • Voting results as graphical display, in a list, or on a mimic room diagram
  • Agenda

Default displays can be modified or custom displays can be created by the user. The selection of which displays to show on each CDA is done in the CUA application. Up to 16 CDA applications can be run simultaneously.

SW6000-VOTE Software Enabled Voting

This module enables configuration and control of voting sessions from within the SW6000 software instead of from a conference unit.

SW6000-ESI External System Interface

This module interfaces to third-party systems and provides:

  • Control of streaming applications
  • Web service interface
  • Advanced import / export of meetings
Release Notes

Version 6.6.26

Release Date: 1/4/2018

Upgrades and Licenses

  • This version is used to upgrade from all previous SW6000 versions, however it cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
  • No new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or later versions
  • A new SW6000 license is needed if upgrading from SW6000 or previous versions

New Features


  • Agenda item durations added - meeting start time used for agenda item start time
  • Added Email field to Participants table
  • Vote results tab in Agenda is now available if license SW6000-VOTE is available – dependency is removed from license SW6000-ADV


  • Agenda screen displays start time for agenda items (CUA config dependent)
  • Added Agenda Time extension control – enabling ‘Auto Update’ feature - Agenda item start time and start time for subsequent agenda items is updated when the subject is set active first time
  • Manual Entered Vote results now support 'Unanimous' voting
Beta support for Pre-request to Speak
  • Those features require that two dll's are copied to the "Conference Administrator Application\ImportExport" folder (Newtonsoft.Json.dll WebMeetingIntegration.dll).


  • Agenda – support for pre-meeting speak requests for agenda items


  • Agenda – setting an agenda item active populates the pre-meeting request list for the agenda item
Beta support for MXC products


  • Support for ACR1281U-C1 Dual programmer (programs dual interface cards with NFC/Chip interface and CC 6010 cards with Chip interface)
  • Support for ACR1252U-M1 (programs dual interface cards with NFC/Chip interface)


  • Beta support for MXC615/MXC620/MXC630 units

Bug Fixes

This section lists the major bugs, where corrections have been made.


  • Fixed a Customer Reported database upgrade error – Collation error


  • Fixed an error
    • where the Microphone speak button state could get out of sync if a replace unit was done including an open microphone unit
    • where scrolling up/down in a large agenda can end up where the line separating the subjects is not being displayed
    • where using the CAA to change speak priority for a meeting role with no active meeting
    • can cause a CUA exception – displayed in system messages
    • where the Last 5 speakers list should be cleared on conference start/stop
    • where the Group speech time is not updated correctly after pause and resume of a meeting
    • where the Total Seat value displayed can be incorrect. Number of seats in seat table used by a meeting is displayed – technician seat types should be excluded in count
    • where the text color for result values is hardcoded – should be configurable
    • when using the mimic to log in a user, the suggested roles for a selected participant is taken from the participant table – should be taken from participant seat table if a table is used for the meeting. Login pop-up should be centred on mimic – placed on top of CUA if mimic is moved to secondary screen
    • where the name displayed for a participant does not reflect the meeting role if the participant is logged in using a different meeting role from the mimic
    • for a meeting with a participant list, where a participant that’s logged out from the mimic is not added to the ‘Participants not present’ list
    • where a participant in the Microphones Control -> Participant List -> Participant Info is displayed with incorrect show name if the participant has been logged in with a Participant Role other than the default for the participant. Resolution is to only show participant name in Participant Info
    • where a participant in the Microphones Control -> Participant List logged in with no speaking rights are not displayed in this. Same problem when no conference is active for microphone units with no speaking right assigned


  • Fixed an error
    • where deleting all CDA displays can make it impossible to add a new CDA display
    • in the Conference Log report, where the report does not show speaker stop time, if speaker was active at meeting stop
    • where the subject title in Agenda Master/Detail view of agenda is not in sync
    • allowing the user to enter special characters in search field in Labels screen
    • in various screens with filter functionality – [Delete] button must be disabled when the search has no results
    • in Meeting Displays (CDA) where filtering and adding a new CDA display, while filter has no results, can result in a blank entry when filter is removed
    • in Meeting Displays (CDA) where the Update button is not enabled when changing values for numeric controls – e.g. instance
    • in various screens with filter functionality – Support using special characters in filter)
    • in various labels e.g. Delegate (User Type) is changed to Participants (Meeting Role) in speech time configuration
    • where a meeting re-import should not overwrite a stop date configured as future date
    • making the filter to correctly filter on start/stop date of meetings
    • in the Subject Vote Report, where Group sorting must be taken into account
    • in the Conference Units window, where clicking Add Unit after doing a microphone scan results in an error
    • in the Participant Table Window, where using the button [Generate] for the field Login Code, correctly generates a new login code, but entry is not marked as updated and the [Update] and [Cancel] buttons are not enabled


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