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SW6000 Conference Management Software enables you to configure, manage, and personalize all aspects of a conference using the Microflex Complete or DCS6000 conference systems. It provides all of the functionalities which are required for a typical conference or meeting, grouped according to similar functions:
Meeting and Agenda Management
Create meetings with multi-level agendas, set meeting modes / options, and configure an extensive range of reports on meeting details.
Speaking Management
Control conference microphones, speech time, and name handling as well as mimic / synoptic diagrams of the room.
Participant Information and Roles
Create and maintain detailed information on participants and their roles / permissions, login procedures (ID card, PIN, etc.), messaging functions, and multi-language support requirements.
Controls and Interfaces
Set up interpretation parameters, connection to multiple rooms, import / export of agenda and participant information, as well as configuration of DCS6000 system components and third-party applications.
Applications Used by the Administrator, Chairman or Delegates
Includes one license each for CAA Conference Administrator Application and CUA Conference User Application.


  • Conference / meeting configuration with MXC or DCS6000 conference systems
  • Microphone management in multiple modes, with list of speakers, requests to speak, and requests to reply
  • Control of participant login modes, including PIN code or chip-card registration
  • Management of participant profiles including name, title, role, permissions, etc.
  • Multi-level agenda with linked documents and web links
  • Mimic / synoptic room diagram for microphone control, attendance, and voting
  • Voting control management (3-button or 5-button)
  • Messaging between conference chairman, administrator, participants, and interpreters
  • Configuration and control of interpretation
  • Support for multi-language software screens
  • Report generation and control of import / export of conference information
  • Control of conferences in multiple rooms from one PC


SW6000 software can be installed on a stand-alone PC or on a PC network. Software v6.2 or later supports standard installations of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 and 2012 R2
  • WIN 8.1 x86 Enterprise / Professional / Standard
  • WIN 8.1 x64 Enterprise / Professional / Standard
  • WIN 10
Important: Windows XP and Vista operating systems are NOT supported.
To download and install the software, go to Software & Downloads.
In order to run the software, a license key is required. For purchase, please contact your authorized Shure distributor or system integrator: Where to Buy

Basic Applications

Note: One SW6000-CAA and SW6000-CUA application are included in the SW6000 Conference Management Software. Additional licenses are only needed if more than one CAA or CUA application will run simultaneously on the system.
SW6000-CAA Conference Administrator Application 
The CAA is used to organize and configure conferences, to create all setups, and to test system components. Administrators use it to create and maintain basic conference data such as agendas, participant information and lists, mimic diagrams, voting parameters, standard messages, etc. Technicians use it to set up and test conference and interpreter units.
SW6000-CUA Conference User Application 
The CUA is the main user interface with conference system. It is used by chairmen and participants to view the agenda and delegate information, to start / stop conferences, manage microphones, use speaker / request lists, mimic diagrams, etc. Technicians use the application to monitor conferences, control volume settings or change different conference parameters. The functionalities of the CUA depend on the user profile of the person logged into the system and additional software modules installed.

Optional Software Modules

SW6000-ADV-50 Advanced Meeting Management 

Advanced Meeting Management provides extended conference management capabilities for up to 50 seats, including:

  • Advanced Mic Control, which includes additional features like the ability to define a secondary seat for a participant or configure a podium microphone.
  • Advanced Agenda Control, which offers a variety of functionalities from the ability to assign speakers to subjects in the agenda to using a web browser in the CUA to view linked documents or websites.
  • Advanced Speech Time, which enables speech time to be configured for individual participants, groups, or types of participants.
SW6000-ADV Advanced Meeting Management
Offers the same functionality as SW6000-ADV-50 but for an unlimited number of seats.
SW6000-CDA Conference Display Application 
The CDA is used to present information about the conference to participants in the room via video monitors or projectors. The following standard displays are available:
  • Speaker / request information as a list or on a mimic room diagram
  • Voting results as graphical display, in a list, or on a mimic room diagram
  • Agenda
Default displays can be modified or custom displays can be created by the user. The selection of which displays to show on each CDA is done in the CUA application. Up to 16 CDA applications can be run simultaneously.
SW6000-VOTE Software Enabled Voting
This module enables configuration and control of voting sessions from within the SW6000 software instead of from a conference unit.
SW6000-ESI External System Interface 
This module interfaces to third-party systems and provides:
  • Control of streaming applications
  • Web service interface
  • Advanced import / export of meetings
Release Notes

Version 6.5.28

Release Date: 7/10/2017



  • This version is a hotfix for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
    • If upgrading from SW6000 or later, a new SW6000 license is not needed
    • If upgrading from SW6000 or earlier, a new SW6000 license is needed

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an error where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore request list in the correct sorting order
  • Fixed an error where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore all entries in the request list

SW6000 and DCS6000 Compatibility

Version 6.5.25

Release Date: 6/23/2017

Feature Release


  • This version is a feature release for use in systems with CU 6105, CU 6110 and DIS-CCU Central Units only
  • This version cannot be used to upgrade systems using CU 6005, CU 6010 or CU 6011 Central Units
  • This version can upgrade SW6000 from all previous SW6000 versions
  • This version is compatible with SW6000 Software License file v1.7 only
    • If upgrading from SW6000 or later, a new SW6000 license is not needed
    • If upgrading from SW6000 or earlier, a new SW6000 license is needed

New Features

  • Added speech counter in CUA Microphone and Main display
  • Added speech counter configuration in CAA/Participant List Configuration
  • Added option to configure the voting mimic icons used in the CDA
  • Added configuration option in CAA/Configuration/Voting Configuration
  • CAA: Report generation time reduced (all reports)
  • CDA: Added command-line option to disable page switching
  • CUA: Button configuration for speak button and voting buttons color added in the ‘prjCUA.exe.config’ file

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an error
    • where Pause / Resume meeting did not restore request list
    • for missing Meeting Role information in CUA after using CAA Conference Unit ‘Replace Unit’
    • where CUA Mimic shows assigned user in the meeting mode: ‘Code On List
    • where the Microphone in ‘Manual + reply’ mode cannot be not removed from request list when turned on from Mimic and Mic. ext. control
    • where the manual timer updates anomaly
    • where a participant cannot re-login
    • where the Meeting Role is not updated properly in CUA when Speaker is set for an agenda subject
    • where the buttons ‘Set agenda status’ do not have their own labels (3 labels)


  • Fixed errors with
    • the agenda, when assigning a speaker to an Agenda Subject in a Meeting
    • Room Configuration. Meeting Role is not being applied to a unit
    • Voting reports - individual participants are listed multiple times each
    • Voting reports - missing some results from proxy delegates
    • participants votes, which are ignoring the use of voting weight
    • Label 507, which is used in some wrong places
    • Participant Table, unable to clear Replacement For …..
    • duplicated user ID in Prepared Participant List
    • printing reports from CUA
    • editing a Participant Seat Table
    • the Participant Seat Table, where participants cannot be moved from one seat to another in the table
    • the language selection menu 'Invariant Language (Invariant Country)
    • an CAA Exception: when adding participants in Meeting Mode: Prepared Participant List
    • importing the ‘Default Participant Table’ to a ‘Prepared Participant Table’


  • Fixed an error
    • with Logged In display: Wrong Group shown for meeting using’ Participants Lists’
    • with Microphone Display: Pause speech timer indicator missing
    • with Microphone Display: Speech time count down timer keeps on blinking, red color does not stop after time has run out or the meeting is stopped
    • with font size in skin editor


  • CUI Fix for Web service exception with very large agenda: Maximum request length exceeded
  • ‘Pooltime’ default value changed to 200ms (can also be set in command line). Note: This time shall still be set using CUI command line parameter for customers using automatic login on preferred seat in large system  


  • Participant Meeting Report, ID 1243 – Fix for show time for non-participating participants
  • Participant Statistical Report - Fix for incorrect if changes occur while CAA is open with active meeting
  • Participant Statistical Report - Participant Speech Time is not updated properly
  • Meeting Log report – sub repor6t parameters missing Vote report(s) with Groups - missing 'No Group' in Group Voting Result table Meeting Log Report - generation failed (on Russian database)


  • Prevent installing on systems where SQL server version is 2005 or earlier

Release notes from earlier versions

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