CU 6105 Central Unit

Central unit with control for up to 500 conference units and 150 interpreter sets. Supports 16 interpreted channels. Web browser control and remote control by TCP/IP.

Product Details


The CU 6105 Central Unit is a powerful microprocessor based control unit designed for the DCS 6000 system. Only one CU 6105 is needed for control of all types of conference units.

The CU 6105 has as standard the following features:

  • Operation modes: Automatic, FIFO and Manual
  • 3 microphone interrupt ability modes
  • Up to 8 microphones open at one time
  • Auto Off of conference units
  • Scrambled audio to avoid eavesdropping
  • 4 interpreter channels (expandable to 16 channels - see below)
  • Control of max. 50 conference and 128 interpreter units (expandable to 500 conference unit - see below)
  • TCP/IP Ethernet connection for Web browser control

By uploading 'Feature Licenses' into the CU 6105 the following additional features will be available:

  • Control of up to 500 conference units
  • Voting (3- and 5-button, attendance check)
  • Operation mode VOX (Voice Activation)
  • Up to 16 interpretations channels

In larger systems EX 6010 Extension Unit, JB 6104 Junction Boxes, RP 6004 Repeater or PS 6000 Power Supply may be included.


  • Fully digital audio transmission of floor plus 16 interpretation channels and 8 conference microphone audio channels in a single digital bus cable structure
  • OLED display on the front enables the user to setup basic system configurations in terms of maximum number of speakers/requests, microphone operation mode etc.
  • TCP/IP Ethernet connection for Web browser control, SW 6000 and third part external control (AMX, Crestron etc.)
  • Multi-language web browser for system configuration, microphone/request list control and basic operational parameters
  • Built-in seat table for attaching seat numbers and names to units using the web browser
  • 2 analog audio inputs and 4 analog audio output. The 4 analog audio output are used for distribution of audio from four groups of units, the floor channel or the interpreter channels
  • Connection for Emergency Evacuation Message (EEM) is available using ‘Audio In 2’ and a contact closure switch
  • Firmware upgrade of the entire DCS 6000 system is possible via a PC
  • Powers up to 60 units without additional power supply (depending on unit type)
  • Long life, low-noise built-in temperature regulated fan
  • Horizontal orientation of air stream for easy stacking of units in 19"-racks
  • External control possible via a ‘simple to use’ protocol for external control over Ethernet
  • DCS-LAN - a proprietary high speed all digital audio channel, data and power bus
  • One external CU power supply for the two DCS-LAN chains
  • Versatile test program available for testing the system performance, the conference units and the interpreter sets
  • Camera control by use of CP 7851 Camera Control System

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
DCS 6000 Digital Conference System Brochure English PDF 1.05 mb

CAD Drawings

File Language Type File Size
CU 6005 CU 6011 CAD Drawings English ZIP 805 kb
CU 6105 CAD Drawing English ZIP 998 kb

Specification Sheets

File Language Type File Size
CU 6105 Specification Sheet English PDF 986 kb

User Guides

File Language Type File Size
CU 6105 User Guide English PDF 3.81 mb

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