DC 5900 F Flush-mounted Discussion Unit

Its compact size & modular design provide numerous options for permanently-installed discussion systems. Installs easily in the table surface with cabling hidden below.

  • The unit is configured automatically as a chairman or delegate according to the attached button overlay
  • “Plug-and-play” setup using “daisy-chain” topology and standard CAT5e cables
  • Compatible with both GM-series and select Microflex gooseneck microphones
  • Button overlays, loudspeaker, and microphones are sold separately

Product Details

For permanent installations that demand a sleek appearance, the DC 5900 F Flush Mount Discussion Unit offers a compact footprint with no visible wiring. The DC 5900 F uses an innovative modular design that provides numerous configuration options to suit a wide variety of applications.

The DC 5900 F is a modular unit consisting of several parts:

Base unit
Connects to the front plate and features two DCS-LAN sockets and an audio connector for the loudspeaker

Front plate (two model variations)

  • FP 5921 F: speech
  • FP 5981 F: speech and interpretation channel selection

LS 5900 Loudspeaker
Compact loudspeaker with 1m cable

Gooseneck Microphone
The following microphones can connect to the lockable XLR socket:

  • GM 59xx
  • GM 6xxx
  • Shure MX405RLP, MX410RLP, and MX415RLP (requires AC 5901 XLR/Microflex adapter)

Touch-Button Overlay
The overlay automatically determines the configuration of the unit as chairman or delegate. There are a several overlay variations, each with one or more of the following functions:

  • No buttons
  • Speak: activate/deactivate the microphone
  • Mute: temporarily mutes the audio
  • Volume: adjustable headphone volume
  • Channel selector: selects between interpretation channels for monitoring from the headphone
  • Delegate off (chairman only): turns off all active delegate microphones


  • Very small footprint
  • Sleek, attractive styling
  • “Plug-and-play” setup using “daisy-chain” topology and standard CAT5e cables
  • Automatic unit configuration technology
  • Two front plate options available with or without language selection
  • Compatible with both DIS and Microflex gooseneck microphones
  • Loudspeaker is a separate unit
  • Delivers all features and performance of the DDS 5900 system, such as:
    • Four microphone operation modes
    • Fully digital, encrypted audio
    • Maximum 250 discussion units
    • Support for two languages in addition to main “floor” language
  • AC 5901

    AC 5901 Adapter

    XLR adapter for DC 5900 F which enables use with Shure Microflex® gooseneck microphones (pack of 5).

  • FP 5921 F

    FP 5921 F Front Plate

    Front plate (speech only) with control panel and indicator lights.

  • FP 5921 F OL1

    FP 5921 F OL1 Overlay

    Delegate Overlay with Speak and Mute controls (pack of 5).

  • FP 5921 F OL2

    FP 5921 F OL2 Overlay

    Delegate Overlay with Speak control only (pack of 5).

  • FP 5921 F OL3

    FP 5921 F OL3 Overlay

    Chairman Overlay with Speak and All Delegates Off controls (pack of 2).

  • FP 5921 F OL4

    FP 5921 F OL4 Overlay

    Delegate Overlay with no controls (pack of 5).

  • FP 5981 F

    FP 5981 F Front Plate

    Front plate (speech and earphone monitoring) with control panel and indicator lights, 3.5mm earphone output jack, and volume control.

  • FP 5981 F OL5

    FP 5981 F OL5 Overlay

    Delegate Overlay with Speak, Mute, Language Selection, and Earphone Volume controls (pack of 5).

  • FP 5981 F OL6

    FP 5981 F OL6 Overlay

    Delegate Overlay with Speak, Language Selection, and Earphone Volume controls (pack of 5).

  • FP 5981 F OL7

    FP 5981 F OL7 Overlay

    Chairman Overlay with Speak, All Delegates Off, Language Selection, and Earphone Volume controls (pack of 2).

  • LS 5900 F

    LS 5900 F Speaker Module

    Loudspeaker Module (optional) for DC 5900 F

  • MX405, MX410 & MX415

    MX405, MX410 & MX415 Gooseneck Microphones

    Modular gooseneck microphones offer a smart, professional look and accurate sound reproduction.

DIS 5900 F System Diagram

  1. A base unit mounts securely in a round hole drilled in the table surface.
  2. A front plate – available with or without interpretation audio monitoring - attaches to the base unit.
  3. A button overlay attaches to the front plate, providing user controls and indicators.
  4. A gooseneck microphone plugs into the base unit, and can be locked in place.
  5. An optional loudspeaker mounts to the table, and provides sound reinforcement.

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System Brochure English PDF 695 kb

CAD Drawings

File Language Type File Size
DC 5900F CAD Drawing English ZIP 244 kb

Specification Sheets

File Language Type File Size
DC 5900 F Specification Sheet English PDF 713 kb

User Guides

File Language Type File Size
DDS 5900 User Guide English PDF 9.9 mb

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