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Reflecting the ultimate engineering and highest-quality materials, the Type 85 Direct Box adds nothing and removes nothing from the instrument's signal. No distortion. No electronic hum or buzz. No loss of dynamic range. It's the only active direct box that delivers such a clear, strong, warm signal to the console.

Please note that the Countryman E6 & E6i Earset microphones, B6 Lavalier, and Type 85 Direct Box are distributed by Shure, but are manufactured, warrantied, and serviced exclusively by Countryman Associates. All service related inquiries should be directed to Countryman at:

Phone: 1-800-669-1422



  • Connects any high-impedance instrument to an XLR microphone input
  • Active direct box can run off internal 9V battery (~400 hours) if phantom power isn't available
  • Strong, clean signal to the mix board with no added noise or distortion
  • Isolates ground buzz between console and amp
  • Small, compact, sleek design
  • Almost invisible on stage
  • Single-piece extruded case with extra-thick walls
  • Internal components are fully protected against electrical damage
  • Input circuit withstands 220V AC, and static spikes up to 20,000 volts


Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 1 dB
Weight 18.5 oz (.52 kg)

Additional specifications are available in the user guide.

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