SBC450 Networked Charging Station

SBC450 Networked Charging Station

New Product — 4-Bay Networked Charging Station for ULXD6 & ULXD8 transmitters.

From $578

Product Details

The SBC450 Networked Charging Station allows up to 4 ULXD6 or ULXD8 transmitters that are equipped with the SB900A rechargeable battery to be charged quickly and conveniently.
The transmitters simply slide into the charger; it is not necessary to remove the SB900A battery. Bi-color LEDs confirm charging status.
When the SBC450 is connected to a network, the charging status of each transmitter can be viewed remotely. Transmitter settings or firmware can be updated while the transmitters are in the charger using Shure Wireless Workbench® or SystemOn software, or through a third-party room control system.

Available Options

SBC450 4-Bay Networked Charging Station (power supply not included)
SBC450-US 4-Bay Networked Charging Station with PS45 Power Supply (from $640)

Software & Downloads

Specification Sheets

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ULX-D Specification Sheet English PDF 891 kb

User Guides

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SBC450 & SBC850 Networked Charging Station User Guide English

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