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The SBC250 Networked Charging Station allows up to two ULXD6 or ULXD8

transmitters that are equipped with the SB900A rechargeable battery to

be charged quickly and conveniently. Transmitters simply slide into the

charger; it is not necessary to remove the SB900A battery. Bi-color LEDs

indicate charging status. When connected to a network, the charging

status of each transmitter can be viewed remotely. Transmitter settings

or firmware can be updated while the transmitters are in the charger

using Shure Wireless Workbench® or SystemOn™ Audio Asset

Management software, or through a third-party room control system. The

SBC250 can be also be rack or wall-mounted with optional URT3 rack tray.


  • Supplies full charges in three hours, 50% charge in one hour
  • Charge status bi-color LEDs for each transmitter
  • Facilitates transmitter setting adjustments and firmware updates when networked
  • Two SBC250 units can be rack or wall mounted side-by-side with URT3 tray (for use with ULXD6 boundary transmitters only)
  • Sleek, low profile design integrates into virtually any room aesthetic
  • Internal power supply
  • Compatible with 3rd party control devices (AMX / Crestron)

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