• A1K

    A1K Anti-Roll Ring for Handheld Microphones

    Prevents handheld microphones and transmitters from rolling off a desk, podium, or other flat surface.

    from $6.00
  • AFP511


    Camera shoe mount for FP5 Portable Receiver.

  • AFP512


    Camera shoe mount for UR5 Portable Diversity Receiver.

    from $24.00
  • AFP522


    Anton/Bauer plate mounting accessory.

    from $135.00
  • AFP522DC


    Anton/Bauer DC power plate mounting accessory.

    from $435.00
  • PS9US

    PS9US Battery Eliminator

    Battery Eliminator replaces one standard 9V battery, allowing connection to a Shure PS41 AC Adaptor (included) via a threaded DC connector. Use with Shure models P2R, P4R, P4HW, T1, T1G, LX1, UT1, ULX1, MX1BP and VP3.

    from $53.00
  • UA505


    Mounting Bracket and BNC Adapter for Remote Antenna Mounting (Contains One)

    from $23.00
  • UA506

    UA506 Single Rack Mount Kit

    Rack hardware for single ULX receiver, P4M, P4T, DFR11EQ5, DP11EQ, SCM262 or SCM268

    from $26.00
  • UA507

    UA507 Dual Rack Mount Hardware

    Rack hardware for Dual ULX Receivers, P4M, P4T, DFR11EQ5, DP11EQ, SCM262 or SCM268

    from $26.00
  • UA830

    UA830 UHF In-Line Amplifier

    In-Line UHF Antenna Amplifier for remote mounting antennas with U4S, U4D, ULXP/S, UR4S, UR4D, ULXD4, ULXD4D and ULXD4Q receivers, or UA844 and UA845 Antenna Distribution Systems.

    from $179.00
  • UAPF-X1

    UAPF-X1 UHF In-Line RF Filter

    In-Line passive RF filter used to attenuate frequencies outside the X1 band and intended to be used with any Shure X1 band wireless product that has removable antennas, including SLX, ULX, and UHFR.

  • URT Rack Tray

    URT Rack Tray

    Compatible with PG88, PG4, and PGX4 receivers, P6T and PA765 antenna combiners and mounts them to a tray for easy and secure installation into a rack unit.

  • Image missing

    WA500 Rack Mounting Kit

    Rack Kit, Single, for one LX3, LX4 or SC4 Wireless Receivers.

  • WA504

    WA504 Universal Mounting Bracket

    Universal Mounting Bracket for Connecting two Different half-rack products. Mounts an extruded chassis to a side-mount chassis (EX: DFR11EQ to UC4, P4M to P6T)

    from $21.00