• PGX & PGX Digital Carrying Case

    PGX & PGX Digital Carrying Case

    Zippered carrying case is made of durable rigid nylon. Works with PGX Wireless and PGX Digital Wireless Systems.

  • BLX Carrying Case

    BLX Carrying Case

    Zippered carrying case is made of durable rigid nylon.

  • GLX-D Carrying Case

    GLX-D Carrying Case

    Durable zippered carrying case is made of rigid nylon.

  • WA350

    WA350 Carrying Case for WL50 and WL51

    Heavy-duty molded plastic carrying case for the WL50 and WL51 microphones.

  • WA570A

    WA570A Belt Pouch for Wireless Bodypack Transmitters

    Neoprene Belt Pouch for Shure Wireless Bodypack Transmitters. Ideal for fitness instructors.

    from $24.00
  • WA580

    WA580 Cloth Pouch

    Lycra pouch for the UR1 bodypack transmitter. Available in Black or White.

    from $24.00
  • Image missing

    WA581 Neoprene Pouch for UR1M

    Neoprene Pouch for UR1M Bodypack Transmitter

    from $32.00
  • Image missing

    WA600 14-inch Carrying Case

    Carrying Case, 14-inch, for T Series Non-Diversity Single Antenna Systems

    from $19.00
  • Image missing

    WA605 17-inch Carrying Case

    Carrying Case, 17-inch, for T and UT Performance Gear Wireless Systems

    from $23.00
  • WA610

    WA610 Hard Carrying Case

    Molded plastic padded carrying case for compatible Shure wireless systems

    from $113.00
  • WA615M

    WA615M ID rings for Wireless Handheld Transmitters

    Colored ID rings for Shure Handheld Microphones. For use with Shure wireless handheld transmitters.

    from $15.00
  • WA620

    WA620 Neoprene Bodypack Arm Pouch

    Neoprene bodypack arm pouch for all Shure bodypack transmitters.

    from $24.00
  • WA874ZP


    The WA874ZP is a zippered pouch that fits the UA874 Active Directional Antenna.

    from $29.00