• HA-8089

    HA-8089 PWS Helical Antenna

    Wideband UHF (480-900 MHz) remote antenna for Shure UHF-R receivers, PSM transmitters and antenna distribution systems.

    from $738.00
  • HA-8241

    HA-8241 PWS Helical Antenna

    UHF (944-952 MHz) remote antenna for Shure UHF-R receivers, PSM transmitters, and antenna distribution systems.

    from $738.00
  • PA805

    PA805 Directional Antenna for PSM Wireless Systems

    Directional antenna for increased range and reduced interference as compared to omnidirectional 1/2-wave antennas.

    from $284.00
  • UA221

    UA221 Passive Antenna Splitter/Combiner Kit

    Antenna Splitter/Combiner Kit, Passive, for UC4, SLX4, ULXS4, ULXP4, U4S, U4D, UR4S and UR4D.

    from $151.00
  • UA400B


    1/4 Wave antenna for SLX4, U4S, U4D, and UC4 receivers and the P3T transmitter. 470-752 MHz.

    from $24.00
  • UA440

    UA440 Front Mount Antenna Rack Kit

    Antenna Kit, Front Mount, includes Four 2-foot BNC-BNC Coaxial Cables and Four Bulkhead Adapters.

    from $114.00
  • UA600

    UA600 Front Mount Antenna Kit for SLX4, ULX4, UR4S, and UR4D Receivers

    Antenna Kit, Front Mount, for SLX4, UR4S, UR4D and ULX Single Receivers, includes 2 coaxial antenna cables and 2 bulkhead adapters.

    from $48.00
  • UA710

    UA710 Omnidirectional Whip Antenna, 518-578 MHz

    Antenna, Omnidirectional Whip Antenna for UR1 Bodypack, 518-578 MHz

    from $24.00
  • UA8

    UA8 1/2 Wave Omnidirectional Receiver Antenna

    UA8 is a 1/2 wave omnidirectional receiver antenna for UHF-R®, ULX®, SLX®, ULX-D®, and BLX4R receivers (frequency range dependent) and PSM transmitters.

    from $32.00
  • UA844SWB

    UA844SWB Antenna Distribution System

    Wideband UHF (470-952 MHz) Four-Way Active Antenna Splitter and Power Distribution System, external power supply. For QLX-D™, ULX®, SLX®, and BLX® (BLX4R only) receivers.

    from $524.00
  • UA845-SWB

    UA845-SWB Active Antenna Splitter

    Five-Way Active Antenna Splitter and Power Distribution System for U4S, UR4S, U4D, and UR4D receivers; Five-Way Active Antenna Splitter for ULXD4, UXLD4D, ULXD4Q receivers.

    from $942.00
  • UA860SWB

    UA860SWB Passive Omnidirectional Antenna

    Passive wide band UHF omnidirectional antenna (470-1100Mhz). The UA860SWB is weather resistant and suitable for use outdoors. For use with SLX, ULX, UC, UHF and UHF-R(TM) wireless systems.

    from $284.00
  • UA864US

    UA864US Wall-Mounted Wideband Antenna

    The UA864US antenna provides wideband RF coverage in a low-profile enclosure that mounts easily on a wall or ceiling. Works with ULX-D® Digital, UHF-R®, and ULX® Wireless Systems, as well as Axient® Wireless Management Network.

    from $449.00
  • UA870

    UA870 UHF Active Directional Antenna

    UHF Active Directional Antenna for U4S, U4D, ULXP, ULXS, UR4S and UR4D Receivers or UA844 or UA845 Antenna Distribution Systems.

  • UA874

    UA874 Active Directional Antenna

    Active directional UHF antenna with integrated amplifier for improved wireless signal reception.

    from $374.00
  • Image missing

    WA490A 169-185 MHz

    Antenna, 1/2 Wave Cable Antenna, for SC4, LX3 and LX4 Wireless Receivers, 169-185 MHz

  • Image missing

    WA490B 185-200 MHz

    Antenna, 1/2 Wave Cable Antenna for SC4, LX3 and LX4 Wireless Receivers, 185-200 MHz

  • Image missing

    WA490C 200-216 MHz

    Antenna, 1/2 Wave Cable Antenna for LX3, LX4 and SC4 Wireless Receivers, 200-216 MHz

  • WA503

    WA503 Antenna Converter Kit

    Antenna Converter Kit (Converts WA500 to WA501), Back-to-Front Mounted, consists of 2 Cables and Bulkhead Adapters

    from $29.00