Other PSM Accessories


    An optional transparent water-resistant cover, the PA301 protects P9RA and P10R bodypack receivers from sweat and strong humidity.

    from $36

    PA720 Input Cable

    Ten-foot (3 m) input cable for the P6HW and P9HW hardwired bodypacks (5-Pin LEMO connector to L and R female XLR connectors).

    from $127

    PA725 Coaxial Cable

    10-foot (3 m) coaxial cable (RG-8) with BNC connectors.

    from $24

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    PA730 Cable  XLR to TRS 1/4-inch Connector

    10-foot (3 m) cable male XLR to TRS 1/4-inch connector.

    from $24

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    PA745 Rack Mount Kit

    Rack Mount Kit (Single and Dual) for P6T, P7T, PA760 and PA770 (Includes 1 BNC two-foot cable and 1 bulkhead adapter)