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The VIP55SM holds two microphones, typically two SM57 mics, side by side. It can hold any Shure microphone with a tapered handle. Each mic is held in a vibration mount, like an air-filled doughnut, as used in the A55SM. The VIP55SM mounts to a standard mic stand via its internal 5/8"-27 thread.

In the model number, “VIP” stands for Very Important Person, as this mount is used by the President of the United States, many mayors, governors, college presidents, and other important people. "55SM" is taken from the model A55SM (Shock Mount).

The mics are spaced wide enough that each can be fitted with the A81WS windscreen for outdoor use in high winds.

The yoke that holds the two shock mounts is metal. The two shock mounts are plastic and a rubber-like material. The base is plastic with a threaded metal insert.

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