• X2u

    X2u XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter

    Easily connect any XLR microphone to your computer for digital recording with headphone monitoring.

    from $99.00
  • A120S

    A120S In-Line On/Off Switch

    In-line, balanced, locking or momentary switch for a microphone. Note: Requires soldering.

    from $29.00
  • A15AS

    A15AS In-line Switchable Attenuator

    Switchable in-line attenuator reduces the level of any balanced microphone or line-level signal, preventing input overloads.

    from $47.00
  • A15BT

    A15BT Bridging Transformer

    Matches, bridges, or isolates balanced and unbalanced devices of different impedances and levels. Male XLR to female XLR.

    from $53.00
  • A15HP

    A15HP In-Line High Pass Filter

    Balanced XLR in-line filter that reduces low frequencies below 100 Hz.

    from $56.00
  • A15LA

    A15LA 50 dB Attenuator

    Reduces the level of an audio signal by 50dB, which allows a line level output to be connected to a microphone input.

    from $43.00
  • A15PRS

    A15PRS Switchable Phase Reverser

    Reverses the phase (polarity) of a balanced audio signal.

    from $75.00
  • A15RF

    A15RF In-Line RF Interference Attenuator

    Reduces interference from AM radio stations that may bleed into microphone lines when using long cables.

    from $53.00
  • A15TG

    A15TG Tone Generator

    Battery-powered 700 Hz signal source used to troubleshoot audio systems by checking microphone lines for correct patching and detecting unusual noise that is present.

    from $149.00
  • A300PC


    Polishing cloth for KSM Microphones.

    from $13.00
  • A85F

    A85F Line Matching Transformer

    The Shure A85F is a low-to-high impedance microphone-matching transformer used to connect a balanced low-impedance microphone output to an unbalanced high impedance input on a mixer/recorder.

    from $20.00
  • A95U

    A95U Line Matching Transformer (Male XLR to 1/4" Male Plug/Female Jack)

    Allows a high impedance microphone to be connected to balanced low-impedance inputs.

    from $53.00
  • A95UF

    A95UF Line Matching Transformer (XLR to 1/4" Male Plug/Female Jack)

    Allows a balanced low-impedance microphone to be connected to an unbalanced high-impedance input.

    from $53.00
  • A96F

    A96F Camcorder Interface

    Connects microphones with an XLR-type connector to the 3.5 mm inputs found on camcorders and other recording devices.

    from $68.00
  • RK100PK

    RK100PK In-Line Preamplifier

    In-Line Preamplifier for Microflex Microphones. Boosts resistance to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

    from $119.00