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The MX890 Wireless Desktop Base is fully compatible with SLX® wireless systems, including the SLX4Lwireless receiver with logic output for applications requiring logic functionality. 

The MX890 is designed for use withMX405, MX410, and MX415 Microflex® Modular Gooseneck Microphones. 


  • Sleek, low profile design
  • Frequency agile, microprocessor controlled transmitter
  • IR link to SLX receiver for automatic frequencysynchronization
  • Programmable frequency Group/Channel display
  • Programmable mute function
  • Operates on two AA batteries
  • Compatible with all Shure SLX Wireless systems
  • Supports Shure MX405, MX410, and MX415 Microflex Modular Gooseneck Microphones
  • CommShield® technology for protection from RF interference


Available Options

MX890=-G4 Operates in the G4 frequency band
MX890=-G5 Operates in the G5 frequency band
MX890=-H19 Operates in the H19 frequency band
MX890=-H5 Operates in the H5 frequency band
MX890=-J3 Operates in the J3 frequency band

Available Bands

G4 (470.125 – 493.825 MHz)  
G5 (494.125 – 517.750 MHz)  
H5 (518.200 – 541.800 MHz)  
J3 (572.200 – 595.800 MHz)  
L4 (638.200 – 661.800 MHz)


Which Band Should I Choose?

Find out which band for the MX890 has the most available wireless channels in your location. Already own the MX890? Use the Wireless Frequency Finder Tool to find frequencies.

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
Microflex Microphones Product Brochure English PDF 1.6 mb

CAD Drawings

File Language Type File Size
MX890 MX400DP CAD Drawings English ZIP 105 kb

Specification Sheets

File Language Type File Size
MX690 MX890 Specification Sheet English PDF 326 kb

User Guides

File Language Type File Size
MX690 MX890 User Guide

Product Support

Find Wireless Channels for Your System

The Wireless Frequency Finder tool provides recommended channels for all Shure wireless systems.

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