JB 6104 Junction Box

Provides four tap-outs from the daisy-chain while also providing a loop-through.

Product Details

The junction box can be used with either the DDS 5900 or the DCS 6000 systems and provides four tap-outs from the daisy-chain while also providing a loop-through.

Each tap-out port in the junction box is isolated from the rest of the system, thus improving system redundancy and reliability.

The maximum cable length from each junction box port is 10 m (32.8 ft.). Each tap-out port can handle one delegate unit, one interpreter unit or four channel selectors.

Works with DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 Systems.


  • Junction boxes for splitting the DCS-LAN into tap-out connections
  • 4 independent DCS-LAN tap-out ports
  • Redundancy enhancement in terms of potential network damage on a tap-out port

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
DCS 6000 Digital Conference System Brochure English PDF 1.05 mb
DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System Brochure English PDF 695 kb

CAD Drawings

File Language Type File Size
JB 6104 CAD Drawing English ZIP 498 kb

User Guides

File Language Type File Size
JB 6002 JB 6004 User Guide English PDF 140 kb

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