An extension power supply for increasing the systems capacity in the DDS 5900 or DCS 6000 Systems.

An extension power supply for increasing either the DDS 5900 or the DCS 6000 systems capacity. The power supply splits one DCS-LAN chain into 4 chains while adding regeneration of the signal and 125 watts of power to each of the four chains.

As each repeater port is isolated, system redundancy and reliability is improved.

Works with DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 Systems.

Model Line
DCS 6000 Digital Conference System Brochure (PDF)
DDS 5900 Digital Discussion System Brochure (PDF)
EX 6010 CAD Drawing (ZIP)
EX 6010 Specification Sheet (PDF)
EX 6010 User Guide (PDF)
  • Extension unit for providing power supply, repeater and splitter functions
  • 19' rack mount unit
  • Long life, built-in temperature regulated fan for low-noise operation
  • Four built-in 125W power supplies
  • Four independent DCS-LAN repeater ports