Woodland Directs Shure Global Business Development

NILES, IL, April 30, 2010 — Shure Incorporated has named Brian Woodland as Director, Global Business Development. In this position, he is responsible for supporting the Company’s growth strategies through mergers and acquisitions, industry alliances, collaborations, and licensing. Woodland is the initial point of contact for conversations involving such matters.

“Our goal is to enhance our market position in pro audio, live performance, and installed sound in markets around the globe,” said Sandy LaMantia, Shure’s President and CEO. “To do that, we are interested in exploring opportunities that fall outside of the Company’s organic market and product development process, which Brian will help us identify and evaluate in his new role.”

One example of such an opportunity was Shure’s recent acquisition of the Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphone product line. Under the agreement, Shure purchased the intellectual property, tooling, product designs, and other assets related to the Crowley and Tripp line from Soundwave Research Laboratories of Ashland, Massachusetts.

“The Crowley and Tripp acquisition helped us to expand our product portfolio, which directly contributes to the health and vitality of the Company,” Woodland said.

Brian Woodland has managed numerous business development projects during his eight years with Shure. He can be reached by email at woodland_brian@shure.com.


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