Shure on the High Seas

UHF-R® Wireless Sets Sail with the Queen Victoria MIAMI, FL, October 23, 2008 — Outfitted with 12 expansive decks featuring a soaring Grand Lobby, Royal Court Theatre, numerous restaurants, lounges, a casino, and luxury in every corner that blends the plush qualities of British tradition with amenities of our modern age, Cunard's newest ocean liner, the Queen Victoria, carries passengers in grand style. Currently cruising the Mediterranean and waters of Northern Europe on this, her maiden year of voyages, the ship also uses Shure's UHF-R wireless microphone systems in wide-ranging applications designed and installed by San Diego, California-based Nautilus Entertainment Design (NED). "RF radio stability is vital to these systems," explains NED's Alan Edwards. "As they move from the open sea to ports of call, it's imperative that the signals don't cut out or introduce null zones. Coverage has to be consistent, and automatic frequency selection is invaluable as the ship moves from port to port." Possessing auto frequency selection and IR transmitter sync that can be activated with the touch of a button, Shure UHF-R systems were chosen for the ship based on the technology's reliability, stability, and flexibility. Ease-of-use was an important factor too, with the Shure units offering staff and performers intuitive functions capable of keeping up with sometimes difficult and demanding situations. Coordination of all UHF-R systems onboard is accomplished with the Shure proprietary Wireless Workbench® System Control Software. A total of 54 receivers can be found in use throughout the ship, including 18 receivers dedicated solely to the Royal Court Theatre, 8 in the ballroom, and 28 others spread across the rest of the ship. "The UR2 interchangeable mic cartridges assure us that the right microphone is always used in the right application," Edwards adds. "Having that kind of flexibility at our disposal is just as important as the system stability. The KSM9 is used in all of our performance venues, while other areas rely primarily on a nice complement of Beta 58A®s and Beta 87s. Headset mics see duty as well, for both aerobics and performance." Built in Italy at the Marghere Shipyard near Venice by Fincantieri Cantieri Naval SpA, the Queen Victoria weighs 90,000 tons, is 964.5 feet in length, and has a guest capacity of 2,000 spread across 990 staterooms. Cunard expects to add the 92,000-ton Queen Elizabeth to its fleet in the fall of 2010, a ship that will become the second largest ever built by the company at a cost of $993 million.

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