Shure Unveils Holiday Promotions for Popular Products

Instant Rebates Offered for Select Microphones, Headphones, Earphones, and Wireless Systems

Niles, IL., Nov. 1, 2017—To kick off the holiday shopping season, Shure has announced limited-time offers on a variety of products. The promotions will be effective on select products from November 1 through December 31, 2017, and available at time of purchase at select authorized dealers throughout the U.S.

Specific offers are:

Instant Discount on Headphones

  • $10 off SRH240A
  • $20 off SRH440
  • $20 off SRH550DJ
  • $50 off SRH750DJ
  • $50 off SRH840
  • $50 off SRH940
  • $50 off SRH1440
  • $100 off SRH1540
  • $100 off SRH1840

Instant Discount on Earphones

  • $10 off SE215
  • $10 off SE215m+SPE
  • $50 off SE315
  • $50 off SE425
  • $100 off SE535

Instant Discount on Microphones

MOTIV™ Digital Microphones and Recording Solutions

  • $50 off MVi
  • $20 off MV88
  • $20 off MV5 (both black or silver)
  • $50 off MV51
  • $10 off MVL

Additional Microphones

  • $10 off SM58-CN
  • $10 off SM58-LC
  • $10 off SM58S
  • $10 off SM58-X2U
  • $10 off SM57-LC
  • $10 off SM57-X2U
  • $30 off DMK57-52

Instant Rebate on Wireless Systems

  • $50 off GLX-D system variations
  • $40 off PGX-D system variations
  • $30 off BLX system variations

“We are delighted to provide our customers with special offers on a variety of our most popular models during the holiday season,” said Abby Kaplan, Senior Director, Retail Group at Shure. “By offering rebates that are compelling and valuable, we hope to continue building deeper relationships with our loyal customers.”

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Shure Incorporated
Attn: Allison Dolegowski

Telephone: (312) 736 6000

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