Shure, OSA Support Chicago 2016 Olympics Bid

NILES, IL, April 22, 2009 — If Chicago hosts the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the athletes and visitors will no doubt enjoy comfortable summer weather.  No one will likely remember the years of planning and preparation that all came to a head on Sunday, April 5, 2009…a rainy, snowy, windy day in the Windy City.  On that day, the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Evaluation Commission began their official inspection visit to Chicago.  The host city will be announced on October 2, 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark.


During the visit, the Chicago 2016 bid team revealed its vision for a spectacular Summer Games experience in the heart of the city.  In preparation, the team called on expertise from a number of local companies.  Shure Incorporated and the Chicago office of On Stage Audio (OSA) were asked to provide technical assistance with wireless microphones used during the event.


“Shure is honored to support the effort to bring the Summer Olympic Games to Chicago in 2016,” said Tom Krajecki, Shure’s Industry Relations Manager.  “Shure was founded in Chicago in 1925.  We’ve been involved in major entertainment and sporting events here, at the Olympic Games in other locations around the world, and we would be thrilled to have this global event in our own backyard.” 


The 12 members of the IOC Evaluation Commission visited cultural centers and potential event sites around the city, including Soldier Field, the DuSable Museum, and the United Center, among others.  A briefing at each site required audio/visual support, including Shure UHF-R® handheld and lavalier wireless microphone systems.  In addition, two wired SM58® microphones with on-off switches were used on the bus transporting the group.


One site in particular, the McCormick Place Convention Center, was hosting a large trade show during the Commission’s visit, where dozens of wireless microphones were in use on the exhibit floor.  The other sites along the tour were all surrounded by the generally high level of RF noise that is commonplace in downtown Chicago.


To guarantee flawless performance amid such hostile conditions, Shure technicians conducted an RF spectrum scan at each location to aid in selecting the optimum frequencies.  Shure technicians were also on hand during the event in case any last-minute changes to the program made adjustments necessary.  Despite the hostile weather and crowded spectrum, all of the equipment performed perfectly.


“Like Shure, we were asked to help by the folks at Abbott Laboratories, whose CEO is on the board of the Chicago 2016 organization,” added Jamie Ransford, Senior Staff Engineer at On Stage Audio.  “We wanted to help the city convince the IOC that Chicago should host the 2016 Summer Games.  We knew there were going to be some challenges with potential interference, but there was no room for error on this tour.  The UHF-R® wireless systems and Wireless Workbench software make it simple to navigate complex RF environments, which made our job a lot easier.  Everything went very smooth.”

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