Shure Microphones Featured in New Rock Band 2 Video Game

NILES, IL, January 15, 2009 — Shure microphones have been a mainstay of rock and roll stages, from the largest arenas and stadiums to the smallest bars and clubs, for decades. Now they're also appearing onstage in the virtual world, compliments of the new Harmonix and MTV Games Rock Band 2 video game.


“How could anyone create a game like this and not include the SM58® and SM57? That would be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the bread,” said Chad Wiggins, Shure's Wired Products Category Manager. “We definitely feel that having our mics in this game adds a degree of authenticity for all of the people who'll play it as they dream of being Roger Daltrey belting out ‘Pinball Wizard' or any one of dozens of other rock stars. We're very excited to be included.”


Shure microphones featured in the game include the legendary SM58® and SM57, along with the
Beta 57A®, Beta 87A, and KSM9…the same microphones used by legendary artists and bands like The Black Crowes, Cheap Trick, Billy Idol, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Who.


“As players earn virtual cash and are able to upgrade their virtual instruments and other gear, the ultimate microphone they can buy in the game is the KSM9,” added Wiggins. “It's as if the other microphones are one through ten and the KSM9 is like going to eleven. You know you're a Rock Band 2 expert when you're using that microphone.”


The Rock Band online music store recently surpassed 21 million paid downloads since the game's launch in late November 2007. With more than 300 tracks available to date via disc and download purchase (complete list of tracks at, the massive Rock Band Music Store enables players to preview and purchase downloadable individual music tracks, packs, and albums from the vast selection of offerings available as they build their own custom Rock Band library.


“We believe that working closely with our musical instrument partners is crucial to our mission to deliver the most authentic music experience possible,” stated Greg LoPiccolo, Vice President of Product Development, Harmonix Music Systems. “Whether it's picking out your P bass™, finding the right finish and hardware for your drums, or choosing the best microphone for your singer's style, having real world instruments included in the world of Rock Band 2 is essential.”


Rock Band 2 is rated “T” for Teen with descriptors of lyrics and suggestive themes by the ESRB.


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