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New Offerings Include Demos, Listings of Wireless Accessories and Artist Endorser Information NILES, IL, January 17, 2008—Shure Incorporated has expanded its list of web resources to include a Wireless Accessory Wizard and comparative selection of demonstrations highlighting the differences among members of its KSM family of microphones. Joining its popular Wireless Frequency Finder and other tools already found on the site, these two additions represent the latest developments in the company's efforts to bring a comprehensive level of online technical support to users that is practical, informative, and mindfully thought out, down to the finest details. Found on Tech Support page in the Tools section, the new Wireless Accessory Wizard asks for little and gives a lot in return. Based upon only a few simple inputs, it is capable of quickly creating a complete listing of every accessory item required of any given wireless microphone application. "It will tell you everything from the number of receivers you'll need right down to the number of antennas and related amplifiers, splitters, and cables," notes Shure senior applications engineer Rick Waller. "It's very thorough, too: Part numbers are provided with a diagram of how to make all necessary connections. From this page you can easily link to other tools like our Wireless Frequency Finder as well, which reveals the best frequencies to select within any US geographic location for optimum performance." Selectable from Shure's KSM microphone main page and other KSM-related site locations, the new KSM comparison demos offer a choice among hearing the product group's different models used with male and female vocals and instruments including piano, acoustic guitar, and a Gibson Les Paul/Fender Cyber Twin combination. Recommended for use with quality headphones or loudspeakers in a studio environment, the demos use Flash animation and stereo MP3 files to deliver a detailed graphic and audio portrait of these common Shure KSM applications. "These demos are like mini-tutorials really," Waller adds. "They show how the mics were placed for each recording, and settings on everything throughout the complete signal chain—mics, preamps, A/D converters, etc.—are specified. We left nothing uncharted. You'll find it all here, even if you're a hardcore techno-geek. As with everywhere on our website, our goal is to provide a lot more information than you can find anywhere else." Also impressive is the new enhanced section of the website dedicated to Shure artist endorsers, including Maroon 5, Natalie Cole, Henry Rollins, Josh Rouse, and LeAnn Rimes, with more artists continuously being added. The site now features artist bios, news, video content, website/MySpace links, and input lists of what Shure equipment the artists use on stage. “The new artist section of the website is the ideal venue for Shure to showcase the talented roster of endorsers that we support with live performance and in the studio,” notes Manager of Shure Artist Relations Kevin Spiegel. “The Artist Relations team has worked with artist management and the artists themselves to make the website an ideal promotional vehicle for Shure and the artists alike.”

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