Juanes Earns Five Trophies, Opens Latin Grammy Awards with John Legend

HOUSTON, TX, December 10, 2008 — Shure endorser Juanes was the big winner at this year's Latin Grammy Awards, bowing five times as the recipient of awards for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Male Pop Vocal Album, and Short Form Music Video. Joined by R&B singer John Legend, the Colombian rocker additionally opened the ninth annual gala with Legend's "If You're Out There." Both sang completely in Spanish, using Shure UR2/KSM9 wireless.Juanes at Latin Grammys


Another Shure endorser, Julieta Venegas, also took to the stage with UR2/KSM9 wireless and her accordion to perform "El Presente." Making la noche that much more complete, the Mexican singer/songwriter bagged two trophies as well, one for Best Alternative Music Album, and the other for Best Music Video—Expanded Version.


Coming to the event with the Grammys and Latin Billboards already under his belt, Eric Schilling of Norfolk Music Productions made the Latin Grammy Awards his third stop on the awards show circuit this year. Giving guidance to the house mix for each event, Schilling has enjoyed the diversity in his professional life in recent months.


"Live performances at the Grammys deliver a wider variety of music, while the Latin Grammys tend to be bigger in size in terms of its onstage acts," he says. "At the U.S. Grammys this year I went from mixing Herbie Hancock to the Foo Fighters. I'd commonly have six people onstage. At the Latin Grammys I'll have bands with 15 people performing. In either case, I'm a big fan of Shure and use their gear pretty consistently."


Schilling viewed part of his role at the Latin Grammys as one of facilitator, ensuring that artists got the mics they wanted for their performances. "In many cases, when I bring out Shure gear, I'm not showing them anything new; that's what they're already using," he adds. "I like the KSM9 on an artist like Juanes. He is such a great singer, and one of the best attributes of the mic in a rock context like this is that it gives me a fuller sound. Bleed from other activity onstage isn't as much of a problem either, and that helps me a lot, because this band is loud."


Cafe Tacuba was another of the notable winners at the 2008 Latin Grammys, making a trip to the podium twice to accept honors for Best Rock Song and Best Alternative Song. The Mexican rockers performed live for the crowd as well, with Schilling outfitting them with UR2/Beta 58s for lead and backing vocals.


Other artists performing at the event with Shure gear included Jenny and Lupillo Rivera, Olga Tanon, Vicki Carr, Banda el Recodo, Jorge Celedon, Alejandra Guzman, and Flex and Belinda (all of whom used UR2/Beta 58s). Kani Garcia also performed using a classic model 55SH alongside Tommy Torres and his UR2/Beta 58. Fonseca made a showing with UR2 and a KSM9 handheld transmitter featuring a champagne finish, and to close the show, Rosario and friends stepped up and sang using UR2/Beta 58 combinations again.


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