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Shure Supports Emerging UK Band LONDON, May 1, 2008 Shure Incorporated announced today that its London-based operation, Shure Distribution UK, will work with the Mercury Music Prize-nominated band Hot Chip as part of its ongoing campaign to highlight UK music talent. Live music has always been at the heart of Hot Chip. They have carried this focus through to their third album Made in The Dark, with powerful amplifiers and keyboards creating a tougher sound. And, with more ballads, the album shows a greater appreciation for soul and highlights lead singer Alexis Taylor's voice more than ever. Made in The Dark is the follow-up release to The Warning, which was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and included the standout track “Over and Over,” which was also nominated for an Ivor Novello award and voted NME's number one single of 2006. “Hot Chip is a fantastic example of a band that has risen to success through word of mouth,” said Paul Crognale, Marketing Manager, Shure Distribution UK. “Their new album is the culmination of music-making partnerships that come into existence in gradual stages starting with two school friends. We are excited about supporting fantastic homegrown UK talent Hot Chip, and we look forward to their new material.” Shure will provide Hot Chip with a range of microphones for use onstage and in the studio. Band member Al Doyle (guitar, synthesizer, percussion) commented, “Shure microphones are as tough as old boots. I've hammered nails with a Beta 57A and then still used it for recordings…it performs as well as ever. These products are military-grade.” Steve Revitte, who has previously worked with LCD SoundSystem, The Rapture, and Beastie Boys, and is currently Hot Chip's Front of House Engineer said, "The most critical aspect to performing every night is consistency. Consistent stage sound allows Hot Chip to perform at their best. Consistent front of house sound allows me to mix a dynamic and fun show and not struggle with ‘fixing' things. Shure mics do just that. They allow Hot Chip to hear themselves clearly on stage and…more important, the audience hears everything crystal clear."

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