Shure at Integrated Systems Europe 2018

SHURE @ ISE 2018

Shure is returning to ISE 2018 to present a variety of conferencing and presentation audio solutions. Learn how to make audio work for you.


Every voice matters. Whether it’s a keynote speech, a presentation, or a videoconference, audio quality affects how you are perceived and how well your message is understood.

Shure’s exhibit at ISE 2018 will showcase a variety of innovative products that make communication natural. The newest offerings elevate audio in meetings, discussion and conferences with seamless connectivity and outstanding sound quality.



The Microflex® Complete discussion and conference system is a range of portable and flush-mount conference units that can be easily integrated into boardrooms, parliament or council chambers, and formal meeting spaces.

  • Contemporary styling matches any room, and the intuitive user interface allows users to easily vote, view the agenda, and select interpretation.
  • Integrated NFC ID card technology allows for identification of participants without meeting management software or additional feature licenses.
  • Redesigned gooseneck microphones include CommShield® Technology for RF immunity
  • Wide selection of industry-standard Microflex® capsules to suit every need.


The Microflex® Complete Wireless system speeds setup in dynamic meeting spaces or at temporary meetings in hotels and conference centers, and overcomes cable limitations in historic buildings or rooms with flexible seating. Shure’s industry-leading expertise in digital wireless delivers confidence without compromise.

  • Automatic Interference Detection and Avoidance technology delivers reliable transmission and is limiting signal dropouts even in the most congested RF environments.
  • Robust AES-128 audio encryption provides enhanced privacy.
  • One MXCWAPT access point can control up to 125 wireless delegate units without additional software or licenses.
  • Conference units utilize gooseneck microphones with Microflex® capsules and CommShield® Technology to deliver exceptional sound quality and RF immunity.


Microflex® Advance™ are a portfolio of premium networked ceiling and table array microphones and control software for enhanced A/V conferencing that integrate seamlessly into premium meeting space aesthetics. Shure Microflex Advance offers elegant, versatile, and scalable solutions for A/V conferencing spaces that require pristine speech intelligibility.


The Axient® Digital Wireless System is the new premier wireless solution in Shure’s portfolio. Axient Digital provides performance suited for the most demanding corporate events and installations. The Axient Digital receiver is compatible with two transmitter offerings. The Axient Digital receiver with AD Series transmitters delivers exceptional RF performance, digital audio, and networking. The ADX Series transmitters incorporate ShowLink®, which provides real-time control of all transmitter parameters and facilitates automatic interference detection and avoidance. The ADX Series also includes the first micro-bodypack with an integrated self-tuning antenna, enabling greater concealment and comfort.


The IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor is created specifically for conferencing applications. The P300 offers Shure DSP algorithms that significantly enhance the audio quality in video meetings. The P300 includes Dante, analog and USB connections that support laptop and desktop computers, mobile phones, and video codecs and provide seamless operation with Shure Microflex® Advance™ and Microflex® Wireless microphone solutions.


The ANIUSB-MATRIX and ANI22 devices are ideal for small to medium sized rooms intended for AV conferencing. These additions to the Audio Network Interface family increase the connectivity options available to users of Shure’s Dante-enabled microphones.


Visitors at Stand B110 in Hall 3 will have the chance to experience the Shure installed sound portfolio either hands-on or in presentations by our product experts. An extensive variety of applications can be covered by the new products which will be launched at the show.

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Shure is involved in this year´s ISE seminar program which is free to attend:

Designing Audio Systems for UC-Based Collaboration Rooms
  • Time: Wed, 15:00 - 16:30
  • Host: AVIXA Programme
  • Booth / Room: Hall 13 / D204

This seminar will help to resolve the audio inconsistencies in UC-based collaboration rooms. A meeting room’s performance should not be impeded by rooms that are difficult to set up, or that are perceived to be difficult to set up. Poor performance whether you are at the near end or far end is a sure fire way to put people off using them and create more work for the support team.

This seminar will highlight the importance of audio in UC-based huddle rooms and explain the benefits of using the DSP audio conferencing processors and high quality microphones to improve the performance of these rooms.

How to make wireless audio conferencing system dependable outside of the TV band
  • Time: Wed, 15:00 - 15:30
  • Host: AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre
  • Booth / Room: Hall 8 / A470

This seminar will teach AV integrators how to use wireless conferencing and discussion systems to get the best sound for conferences and meetings, to introduce natural, intelligible audio for participants in the room as well as remote attendees.

Attendees will find out how advanced conferencing technology provides dependable wireless discussions systems that operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands.

It will also highlight how using wireless discussion systems helps to overcomes cable limitations in rooms with flexible seating or in historic buildings where drilling holes in furniture is impractical, and how using Automatic interference detection and avoidance technology delivers reliable transmission without signal dropouts, with AES-128 audio encryption keeps meeting content private.

It will highlight and explain how to use advanced capabilities and meeting productivity tools, including participant identification, and electronic voting and polling that ensure efficient meetings even with hundreds of participants.

Shure Dante enabled solutions @ AV Networking World at ISE Amsterdam

Shure will participate in the Dante AV Networking World 2018 at ISE Amsterdam and present its Dante enabled solutions. This free, all-day conference is taking place February 5th at the RAI, Rooms G103, G104 and G105.

The event will have a new format and feature in-depth training with three full-day tracks running simultaneously in separate rooms:

Room one will offer an introductory networked audio applications course, followed by Level 1 & 2 Dante Certification.
Room two will offer a brand new complement to Audinate's Dante Certification series called "Beyond Certification".
Room three will offer Level 3 Dante Certification.


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