Mike Relm

Mike Relm

San Francisco's MIKE RELM is best known for his audio and video mash-ups, in his live concerts and broadcast work. Part DJ, part director, part music producer, Relm has introduced the world to a style that truly echoes the fever-pitched pace of modern entertainment while paying homage to classic filmmakers and musicians.

In 2006 Mike Relm began posting videos of his live show on YouTube in lieu of tediously mailing out electronic press kits to labels and booking agents. While he never signed to a label, he did catch the eye of Blue Man Group founder Chris Wink. Relm's YouTube videos acted as a virtual audition, as he was then brought on as the opening act for Blue Man Group's "How to be a Megastar 2.0" arena tour from 2006-2008. In between legs of that tour, he managed to squeeze in a groundbreaking performance at Coachella 2007 where he introduced more than 10,000 fans to the art of the video mash-up. That year he was also gave a full performance at the closing ceremonies at the Pan American Games in Rio De Janeiro, starred in a TV advert for HSBC, and created a mega mix for Nickelodeon's "Yo Gabba Gabba" holiday episode.

It was on the Megastar tour where skateboarding legend Tony Hawk first saw Mike Relm in action. Immediately following his amazing run with Blue Man Group, Relm flew to Tony Hawk's headquarters in Carlsbad, California to prepare for the 2008 Boom Boom Huck Jam as the opening act, tour DJ, and visual artist.

After the Huck Jam, Relm hit the lab to finish his debut album "Spectacle". Always looking for a challenge, this marked the first time he ventured into a project without the use of samples. He brought on an eclectic group of singers and emcees to help bring the project to life. Del the Funky Homosapien, Adrian Hartley, Morningwood, Mr. Lif, Lateef The Truthspeaker, Gift of Gab, and Adeem. Still sans label, he wrote, produced, and directed his first music video "Everytime (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien)". Garnering over 500,000 views in a matter of days, it was well received by fans and critics alike. Blake Gillespie of Impose Magazine summed it up as "Mike Relm goes M. Night Shyamalan for new video. Del stays Funkee."

Being at the forefront of audio/video mash-ups made Mike Relm an obvious choice to be a part of 2008's YouTube Live concert which featured Katy Perry, Obama Girl, Smosh, Will.I.Am, Michael Buckley, iJustine, The LXD, and Akon. The event was live streamed and broke the record for concurrent viewers; a record previously held by the 2008 Summer Olympics. Mike Relm created a mash-up using material from three films released by Lionsgate, for the first of many official trailer mash-ups they would team up for. His Spirit/Punisher/Transporter 3 trailer would earn him a 2009 Webby Award for best remix/mash-up. He was also brought on to be the Webby Awards' sole performing act and presented Seth MacFarlane's 5-word acceptance speech. In attendance was fine living icon Martha Stewart, who immediately hired Mike Relm to create the opening credits for season 2 of "Whatever, Martha!".

Martha Stewart wasn't the only person Mike Relm would encounter at the Webbys. Sharing similar interests in humor and politics with the hit makers at Barely Political led to several collaborations as well as the launch of an all video remix channel "RelmVision". Between remixes, he dazzled crowds at the Sundance Film Festival, South By Southwest, and headlined a sold out show at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

When Google launched their flagship device the ?Nexus One?, they tapped Mike Relm to create an ad, giving him 100% creative freedom on the project. He teamed up with Morningwood?s Chantal Claret to produce ?Wait (The Nexus)? and directed/starred/edited the video, which featured Jon ?Bionic Man? Bayani, fresh off his run on ?America?s Best Dance Crew?.

It's not hard to tell that Mike Relm has a penchant for all things comic books and sci-fi. So when the Iron Man 2 trailer was released in March of 2010, he took it upon himself to make a remix and upload it to his YouTube channel. It caught the attention of the film's director Jon Favreau, who brought Relm's remix to Paramount Pictures' marketing team. This lead to Mike Relm creating an all new 45-second television spot, in his trademark style. It would be the 2nd time in as many months that Relm would put his stamp on television; he made an appearance on G4's "Attack of the Show" where he showed off the Jazzmutant Lemur touch screen instrument/controller. After a lively interview with the show's host Kevin Pereira, he performed a video mash-up of AOTS moments.

Mike Relm's world has expanded far beyond his humble beginnings of a Hip Hop scratch DJ. His obsession with technology and the visual arts has helped him blaze a trail that very few single artists will be able to follow.

At the time of this writing, he is directing (and editing) his 2nd music video with Funeral Party (Sony Music Group) for their upcoming single "Just Because".

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