Joel Stevenett

Joel Stevenett

Joel Stevenett was born in Alberta, Canada to parents who were just crazy enough to encourage his drumming. At just three years old they discovered Joel’s natural-born talent as they found him rapping his fingers on the car dashboard in sync to the radio. From a Ford dashboard to a pawnshop starter kit, the artistry began.

A childhood of drumming to Rush, Boston, Boz Skaggs, Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, and Earth Wind & Fire, inspired Joel’s creativity and innovative spirit. At the age of 14, he was already capturing the attention of mature musicians. Suddenly, Joel was getting paid offers to drum. “You mean you are going to pay me to play?”

Years after high school jazz band and learning that he could hit things for a living, Joel decided to leave college and his full-ride music scholarship and accept the offer to go on tour with the Osmonds. The journey begins.

Joel’s reputation of a Canadian with a big heart, groove, and style, flourished quickly. Before long, Joel found himself on the road with such acts as JoDee Messina, The Wilkinsons, and SHeDAISY, among others.From the road to the studio, Joel’s inventive and physical flair can be heard on numerous TV theme songs such as the NBA and The Today Show as well as movie soundtracks like Meet Joe Black, August Rush and Along Came Polly.

Joel’s credits also cover the recording of Sony Playstation, X-BOX and Nintendo Wii video game soundtracks, including popular titles like Twisted Metal Head On, Dance Dance Revolution, and Disney’s Ultimate Band. From rock to jazz, techno to country, Joel’s chameleon-like ability to naturally adapt his playing style to any musical genre is awe-inspiring.

With scores of touring and recording credits spanning just two decades, one of Joel’s greatest drum moments came while playing to a sold-out crowd at LA’s Greek Theatre. “There I was sitting behind my desk looking out into the greatest office space in the world - a cheering crowd with a full moon providing the backdrop - at that moment I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world.” Not too bad for a dashboard drummer.

Plain and simple, Joel loves playing drums. That’s all he has ever done, and that’s all he will ever do. The journey continues...

“As a drummer, I’m very particular about how my drums sound live and in the studio. Shure microphones have always provided me with a wide open sound, which gives the engineer and producer the flexibility to mix exactly what the track demands.”