Company Overview The evolution of an audio revolution.

Throughout our history, the success and reputation of the Shure brand has been defined by our continuous commitment to total quality, and it shows with every product we make. Put simply, microphones and audio electronics are our life.

So whether you’re a life-long Shure enthusiast, or purchasing Shure products for the first time, we’re confident you’ll experience the same level of total quality that audio professionals have appreciated for over 80 years.

Who We Are...

Since 1925, musicians and music enthusiasts around the world have chosen Shure with confidence in the unparalleled sound and performance of our products. 

For forty years and counting, the Shure SM58 has been the most popular vocal microphone in the world, revered for its natural sound and famed durability. Our wireless microphones are synonymous with innovative technology and bulletproof reliability. And our award-winning earphones are redefining the audio experience for the most discerning listeners. 

But Shure stands for more than quality products. We are passionate about enabling performances that engage, energize and inspire audiences -- performances that help shape the course of history. Shure was there when Elvis stepped into Sun Studios and when JFK vowed to put a man on the moon. We've been on the world's biggest stages, from Live Earth to the Oval Office, ever since. 

Shure is also passionate about getting it right. We work tirelessly to develop flawless products and support them with the best customer service in the industry. In fact, in everything we do, we are committed to delivering a great audio experience -- because that's the true measure of legendary performance.

What We Do...

From microphones to headphones to wireless gear, we make products that help you define your sound. We take equipment issues out of the audio equation. So you're free to concentrate on your music with confidence. See all Shure Products.


Rock and roll. The President's podium. Hip-hop and gospel. Network TV. Country and Western. Police radio. Jazz and Blues. The preacher's podium. Show tunes. Garage bands. You name it - we've miked it.

Wireless Systems

Whether it's a high school gym, a church, a local bar, a concert hall, or a stadium, you can count on the fact that Shure has been there. How reliable are we? When failure is not an option, our UHF systems are there, whether it be the Grammy® Awards, the Oscars®, top touring artists, or network broadcasters.  

Personal Monitors

Hearing conservation. Personal control. Portability. Superior sound quality. Mobility. The Shure PSM family of personal monitors are the smart alternative to floor wedges, giving you the straight line to achieving your best performance, time after time.  

Mixers and Digital Signal Processors (DSP)

After we went wireless, we set our sights on digital audio. We've moved beyond our classic portable mixers and preamps to audio processors that ensure smooth sailing behind the scenes. From automated mixing and feedback control, to broadcast field production and digital signal processing, Shure offers a multitude of innovative products. 

Phonograph Cartridges

No turntable - or pair of turntables - is complete without Shure phonograph cartridges. All Shure cartridges employ our patented low-mass, high-output moving magnet structure. With their high tracking ability, Shure cartridges are very gentle on irreplaceable vinyl records, using polished, natural diamond-tipped styli for precise, musical signal tracing. 

Consumer Earphones

From award-winning Sound Isolating Earphones to mobile phone headsets, find all of our high-performance consumer products offerings here. Built on professional audio roots, Shure’s personal audio products are designed to take consumers’ experiences of MP3 players, mobile phones, and gaming systems to a higher level.